"This is not the age where you would walk across an artist's canvas in your nearest park wondering in amusement at the play of colours on display .... Or is it? 
              Pentimento brings the outgoing Impressionist era to today's outstanding digital artists. It is a project that intends to fuse audience, performance and digital painting garbed in the guise of a regular walkway. Digital painters can set up their station across any walkway and the pedestrians shall initiate different interactions on the canvas as the artist plays with the surprising forms that spawn on it. This creates an artwork that involves every viewer as an active contributor to the production of art. Further mechanisms shall involve 'real views 'and 'likes' chaining into a funding system for the artist. With Pentimento, digital art shall surpass its solitary status and become performative. It is where a simple view is an elegant brush stroke. "

I lead the art and technical direction of the project which involved designing the interaction, integrating Kinect, coding a Processing sketch for the artist as well as designing graphics for the mat.
The project was accomplished under the mentorship of Marcel Dolman, Rosa Pons and Lenno Verhoog as a part of Meaningful Experience Design : Saving the World in 40320 minutes