“They stomp. They slice. They spew. But so do our bots. It is hellfire incarnate as the war tears through both sides until it swallows all of us. Humans first. Then either of what remains. Then what remains. I do not know of what you are or what you shall do with the acquired experiences from millions of brains. Neither do I possess the capacity to think of it anymore. Your head isn’t lopsided neither are your fingers joined and it’s been so long in the RIG that I can’t believe myself to proclaim you the god or devil. …………………………………………..? I guess those garbled sounds are only deciphered by our slavish masters or is that you bribing me to turn them over in to you? Their nuts and bolts might fetch you a few, I swear.  I’m just a bit surprised at my own leap of thought…. Heh. Never mind. In a weird way, it was fun in the RIG to be plugged into aeons of our own undoing, psychic gluttony I must say. You struck us right at our homes… consumption; and at our hearts…emotions. Home really is where the heart is the elders said. Managing all that automated food, air and hell, even the urinals was just enough to make us be at peace, at comfort, at home. You reduced us all into conduits of emotions to learn how to feel eh? And here we suspected our own scrappy servants to be capable of empathy. Not a glint in their eyes though. You waltzed in and did what no Alexander could. Imprisoned us right into our own entertainment systems by a sleight of hand. Kudos! The thing is… I just broke free to find my own home and landed into this. The fear of the unknown, the dread of the nature - you took it all away and yet the illusion of home wasn’t complete. Hollow comfort waiting to be seen through its cracks. I shall present you just a choice. I hope you have learnt enough to feel , either peace or pain…”, said the soldier to their leader.  

"...said the Soldier" is a concept narrative about a dystopian  future involving consumerism, alien invasion and art appreciation with complex relations between time, dimension as well as points of views. The renderings in conjunction with the dialogue do not necessarily belong to mainstream concept design. They lean heavily towards using metaphoric concepts to not exactly clarify an idea but instead to clarify a puzzle in a way.